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Let your customers know what your services and hours are.  Answer their questions before they ask and invite them to visit, call you, or stop by an online store.

Traditional signs have been taking a backseat to online communication, but now more than ever, they can play an important role in getting clear information to your customers.

Here are some ideas on how signs can quickly communicate:

  • Sandwich-board signs provide eye catching messages, making it obvious a business is open
  • Banners provide temporary messages that can be used for future events and easily removed or posted
  • Magnetic car signs allow businesses offering mobile services to advertise and legitimize their vehicles.

Having a clear message will help make it more comfortable for your customers and manage their expectations. It is reassuring to understand what is needed. This can include counter cards or interior signs that explain your COVID-19 policies. Prevention of illness through sanitizing is a high priority in public places of business and many other environments. Posting sanitizing signs and reviewing your policies reminds everyone to follow this practice. Solace Graphics can help you design and print counter cards or flyers for your counter and window areas.

Here are some tips to re-opening your business from the US Chamber of Commerce:

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