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How Signs Can Help During COVID-19

In the most basic sense signs are about communicating a message and at a time when there are many changes, they can play a key role, giving on site instruction and communicating messages, which although perhaps online, need to be repeated at the physical location.

Signs can let your customers know that you are closed and when you expect to be open. They can provide information about curbside delivery or special services. They can offer health and safety warnings. They can provide a reassuring presence in trying times.

Here are a few signs around our community that are each doing a good job of communicating with the hundreds of people that drive or walk by each day (even now, during COVID-19).

Note: These signs are for reference only and were not produced by Solace Graphics with the exception of the Roost and Jernigan’s.

Don’t leave your customers guessing! Find ways to let them know what is happening with your business.

Easy Signs for Communicating During Changing Times:

In addition to website and social media, don’t forget—


-Simple posting of hours on door of business

-Use of poster frames for new message

-Use of billboards for new message

-A-frame or sandwich board (regulations vary-please check)

-Temporary on site posting of notices


In normal times, Solace Graphics encourages creative applications, which may include human directional signage (sign shakers) to promote short term events or real estate open houses, along with identifying key intersections and highly visible options that are matched to the audience you desire to bring to your business or event. Signs are not just the single image or number you put above your door. Solace Graphics can assist in exploring the many ways you can make it easy for people to find you with appropriate signs for each level of approach.

Today, we send you a single message, stay safe and as much as possible, stay home.