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5 Tips for Winning Sign Designs

Effective signs are one of the most basic ways a business is found by new customers, present to existing customers and get key information out, such as hours. Signs are the cornerstone of a brand—whether it be a non-profit, government office, retail or business to business to business—your sign tells a story about your business and it’s up to you to make it a good one!

Here are 5 key things to consider when you thinking about new signs:

  1. Lay of the land: rules. First off, be sure to know the rules and regulations for your City or County. Regulations vary and are often related to the square footage of your storefront. One option that many business owners miss, is that signs inside the display window often are not counted with this square footage. Be sure to ask—this can provide extra signs without impacting your square footage.
  2. Polish your look. This is the time to let your business brand or logo shine. If you do not have a strong, high-resolution version of your artwork, take the time to have it done, either by a graphic artist or your sign producer.
  3. Legibility Counts. Make it easy to read from a distance. Keep in mind the more information you include, the smaller and less legible your message. Keep it simple, and remember less is best. Consider the speed of people passing your sign—is it a highway or city street? Will it be someone walking? The faster people pass your sign, the more important it is for a sign to be clear and brief—use the 10 second rule—what can people read in 10 seconds?
  4. Placement is Paramount. Consider who you want to see your sign and the vantage point they will be seeing your sign from. Often multiple signs are needed to address different approaches. For instance, someone walking down the street will perhaps want to look at a window, directly facing the street, while someone driving by will see a sign that is perpendicular to the building front.
  5. Visability. Give consideration to the surroundings. Will your sign be the only sign or will it need to compete with other signs? Are there shrubs that block view? Will the colors you are choosing relate to the face of your building and your neighbor? Do you need people to see your sign at night? If so, this needs to be part of the design process.

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